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Thread: What Was Your Rank?

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    Jun 2010
    Wa. St.
    USMC, 77-88, 0369, S/Sgt of Marines !
    I am still defending the Constitution of the United States of America !
    Semper Fi
    Most people go through life wondering if they have made a difference, United States Marines do not have that problem. Pres R. Regan 1985

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    Army '67-'71 Sgt E5
    Primary 11B4V
    Duty as 67N2F For 11 months when 67s were Aviation.

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    1960 to 1966 E-5


  5. 6 Years AD E-4
    Awaiting paperwork to go ANG

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    Quote Originally Posted by RODGE View Post
    Did 4 years as a RA in the ASA branch of the US Army. Got out as a SPC 5. MOS was 32F20 Fixed Ciphony Repair. Did a year in Nam with the 509th RRG at Tan Son Nhut from Mar '67 to Mar. '68. Son has been in Reg. Army almost 10 years now. Has done tours in Bosnia and Iraq; currently at Ft. Riley, Ks. RODGE
    I was a Spec4 assigned with the 509th RRG AND 8th RRG in 71-72 as a 31J20, Now in TN State Guard.

  7. I'm currently a Chief Petty Officer (E7) in the Navy Reserve (5 years active, 11 years reserve). I drill with VR-64, a C-130 squadron based out of Willow Grove, PA.

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    Retired Marine after 20 years and 27 days. Which means that my rank is still SSgt.

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    4 years-Air Force-E-5

  10. 9 yrs. From 73\81 1st Cav sgt 11B was hit by 5 ton truck. End my days in the fields, miss flying around in the heli.

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    Career Navy

    21 years in the Navy as a machinist mate. Retired as an E-9. Made a couple round the world trips and saw things that were incredible both beautiful and then things that were so ugly, it defies description. I do miss the sunsets at sea. Awesome!

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