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Thread: What Was Your Rank?

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    I retired from the USAF as a MSgt in 1983, I had 25 yr active duty at the time of my retirement. I spent all of my time in uniform as an Aircraft Maintenance Tech/Supt. I taught Aircraft Maintenance for 10 yrs and was a Master Instructor. During my 25 yrs I spent 2 yrs in Japan, 3 yrs in Korea, 2 tours in VietNam, and numerous TDY's back and forth to and from Seato for a total of 9 yrs overseas. There is more but I don't want to bore anyone anymore than I have already...
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    USN '03-'07 got out for college (with plans to return as an officer)as an AO3(AW) biggest mistake I've ever made. less than a year out i was in a car accident which left me with a paralyzed right arm. doesn't matter how many college degrees i get now, cant go back to do what I loved.....

  4. What Was Your Rank?

    The question did not specifiy that one had to have been in the military, but what your rank was. I served with the Pinal County Sheriff's Department, starting in 1975 as a dispatcher. I then transferred into the jail when we had several detention officers leave. I applied for reserve deputy and was accepted and attended 480 hours of academy training at Central Arizona Law Officer Training Academy (CARLOTA). I was awarded the Academic Award for an average of 95 on written tests over the two semesters, and was the second highest score on the range, with a 296 out of 300. I went through the hiring process and was assigned to patrol district 2, which was 986 square miles. Two years later, I was promoted to corporal and was line supervisor in our district. I was also a volunteer firefighter with the Arizona City Fire Dept. I had RK done on my right eye to reduce the thickness of my glasses, and the operation was less than successful, I had to resign from both the SO and the FD, and ended up in private security in California whare I was lead security supervisor on a 23-man force at a homeless shelter. I tangled with a former Marine on PCP and was left disabled permanently. I am glad to be accepted here as someone with something to contribute.
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  5. Grunt corporal--9th Marines and 1st Marines, 1956-62.

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    6 Years

    Out at SFC...175th MP Btn

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    9 years active.
    3 more Army Reserve
    Top pay grade SGT E-5
    Got busted too many times, at the wrong time.

  8. Currently serving on Active Duty in my second term. I just reenlisted a week ago. I'm a SPC, but the board is coming soon. I'm getting ready to PCS from Fort Polk to Fort Campbell and I am pretty excited. I'm a 68WM6 in the MEDDAC here at Fort Polk.

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    During undergraduate university years I was in the U.S. Navy Reserves with the rating of Aviation Electronics Technician; then on to the U.S. Air Force to reach the rank of Major. And, in the airline industry I was "Captain". It's been a great ride.

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    USMC 1961/64 E-1 thru E-4 (Private to Coporal)
    USAF 1965/84 E-4 thru E-7 (A1C to MSgt) All you young troops may say my E-4 rank is wrong, but they started adding stars for the rank of Sgt just before I retired.
    I go to VA too and if anyone there treated me bad I would not let it go. I would take it as far as I could. Everyone I have dealt with has treated me with respect.

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    Air Force - Sergeant (E-4)

    Served 1973 - 1977

    Airborne Early Warning and Control (Scope Dope)

    Phoenix, AZ / Cape Lisburne, AL (26th Air Division (SAGE) / 711th ACW Squadron)

    Air Surveillance Supervisor
    Interceptor Weapons Control Tech
    Safe Passage NCO
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