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    Hey shipmate!

    Quote Originally Posted by Tin Can Sailor View Post
    Every once in awhile someone will comment on my ball cap(USS Voge FF1047) when I am out and about with a "Thanks for serving". Each time it feels good to know that someone cares enough to say something. I got out in '83 as an FTG2.
    I was POIC "A" Gang as an EN1-ENC on Voge '72-'74. Made WO 1 and went to USS Jonas Ingram. am now a Chaplain w/ Hospice in Florida. Blessings shipmate.

    Chaplain Ed

  3. E-7 --- Fire Control Chief / Submarines.... Retired, Served on the USS Buffalo (ssn715), L. Mendel Rivers (ssn686), Uss Gato (ssn615) and the USS Jacksonville (ssn699), Did a Shore Tour at the Submarine Training Facility in Charleston SC in the middle.

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    USMC Gunny Sgt (E-7), 1963-83. 20 and a couple months. Worked in Intelligence my entire career. Turned down E-8 to retire and to go back to college. (The promotion board really wanted to keep me in, I didn't even put in my "paper work" for the promotion board. LOL! I almost took the "bait"!)

    Two tours Nam. ('65-67, 72), Dom Rep ('64).

    Did time on USS's Pokono, Blue Ridge, Providence, Newport News, Iwo Jima, Ponce.

    Been in, around and through some 20 countries in my travels. It was a "good" time. (My ex-wife didn't think so.) So I married another Marine (Female, for those of you who might think that I "didn't tell") and we have done well together for nearly 30 years now.

    Like most things that have been "en passant" in my life, I never looked back after I burned my bridges.

    Fanatics of any sort are dangerous! -GG-
    Which part of "... shall NOT be infringed..." confuses you?
    Well now, aren't WE a pair, Raggedy Man? (Thunderdome)

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    I got out of the USN as an HM1 (E-6) Hospital Corpsman after 9 years. I was discharged 3 months after returning from Desert Storm where I served in 1st Med Bn, 1st FSSG
    Daily carry: Sig P239 or S&W 3913
    High Noon Horsehide holster
    Black Talon ammo

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    Usaf ss e4 1963 - 1968

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    Northeast North Carolina

    Thumbs up

    OSC(SW) E-7
    Chief Operations Specialist (Surface Warfare)
    US Navy Retired

  8. MSgt USAF Security Forces (RET) 16 years
    Information Specialist 2 years
    Aircraft Load master C141A & B 8 years
    26 total years

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    I served on Cruisers and Destroyers operating and maintaining electronic equipment as a Fire Control Technician (Guns and missiles). After I achieved Senior Chief Petty Officer (E8), I was commissioned as a CWO2 (W2). After 32 years of active and reserve service, I retired as a CWO4 (W4). I am a veteran of the Cuban Missile Blockade, Vietnam, and Desert Shield / Desert Storm service. In retirement, I participate in military funerals from time to time.
    I use a .45 acp because they don't make a 46!

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    SPEC 5, US Army 1973-1976

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    I retired back in '84, with 22 yrs. service as CPO in the USNavy. I am also a 100% disabled Vet. P & T w/service connection.

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