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Thread: What Was Your Rank?

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    I only made it to E2. I had issues with my 1st SGT.

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    An Alternate Reality, I Assure You...
    Quote Originally Posted by WB9IIE View Post
    CONGRATULATIONS. Now a little more pay and some more responsibility.
    Thanks, yep... mo money, mo problems... or something like that, lol.
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    [*]Don't be afraid to use sarcasm, mockery and humiliation. They don't respect you. There's no need to pretend you respect them.
    Operation Veterans Relief: http://www.opvr.org/home.html

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    Sergeant of Marines!
    It's better to die upon your feet than to live upon your knees!-Emiliano Zapata

  5. Thanks!

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    E4 Marine 0311 Nam vintage

  7. I know I don't count. Slightly over 1 year of Air Force ROTC, then a few months of Army ROTC. Dropped out when I figured out they weren't going to pay for my college (was a "nontraditional" student, and my first year AFROTC only handed out one scholarship to nontraditional students, AROTC wasn't much better the next year. Obviously I wasn't it.) Ended up dropping out of college completely after my second year due to financial issues. (AKA: It was a private school, I got denied financial aid, and I couldn't afford any more $15,000 checks.)

    My life has been okay since, so I don't regret dropping out of college. I have kept in touch with a few of my ROTC friends (most of whom are Army or Air Force Majors now, with a scattered Captain or Lt. Col.,) and so, in spite of being a "hardcore liberal," have a healthy respect for the military. (Having other friends that work at military contractors such as Lockheed, Raytheon, etc, doesn't hurt, either.)

    While my father wasn't in the military (just barely too young for Vietnam, 1952 birth, and likely would have gotten an education and/or dependent deferral,) both grandfathers and one grandmother were, along with two cousins. I have the irony (and possibly unique until very recently,) of having three grandparents buried in a National Cemetery, where my grandmother is the highest ranking of the three! (One "Aviation Cadet" - who was in pilot training when WW2 ended and was discharged, the rank is not counted as an officer, since he wasn't commissioned yet - pay was same as a Private, yet they were called "Mister" like an officer, so sort of a combo E-0/O-0 :-P; one "Radioman 3rd Class", (E-5;) and my grandmother, a Marine Corps Drill Instructor E-6.)

    I have one former Marine Corps MP (a female cousin who is about 51 cards short of a full deck - she honestly believed she was the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler for a while,) and one freshly minted Marine Corps Private cousin just back form his first overseas duty (to Okinawa.)

    To all those in uniform, and all those who wore it in the past, you have my utmost gratitude and respect for your service. (That doesn't mean I'll respect you for ANYTHING you do, of course.)

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    Welcome Home, Brother. Was 03 myself and also a graduate of University of 'Nam. Hope you find interesting things and good info here.
    Doc Swickard

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    Navy Torpedoman TM1/E-6 Retired in 1992 Spent 7 1/2 years in Air Force as electrician 54250,,E-4 Sgt.
    and 4 months in army National Guard spec 4. All pays now!

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    Ets'ed in 76 as a buck sargent, Went thru the first airmobile class at Ft Campbell

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    ETC(SS) E-7 Submarines, Just under 21 years.

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