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Thread: What Was Your Rank?

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    USAF from 61-65 AC&W Radar Repair got out A1C E4 after 4 years.
    Best Regards to all who served.

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    USN, Ret
    1981-2001, 13 yrs at sea!

  4. Ssgt....USMC....1971-1980. MOS 5931, 5933, 5936, 2889.....and of course every Marines basic MOS 0311. Also have 26B20 and 26B30 with the Army, trained at Ft.Sill, Ok.

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    Just got back from Afghanistan as an E5 with the Army National Guard and am new to the site. Hope to learn a lot

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    Sgt, E-5, US Army (Tank Corp). Sent my fanny to the German/Czech border instead of the jungle. Something about M60A1 tanks incompatibility with bomb craters in rice paddies... Spent 4 yrs in the Army. Got out when it was clear I wanted nothing to do with the peace-time Army that was coming...

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    Ssgt.... Usmc ..... Semper fi

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    Feb 2011
    Wenatchee, Washington
    E-4 when I got out in 76.

    Flip Arnold
    Washington State

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    USMC E4, when I got out back in '92.
    I got a fever! And the only prescription… is more cowbell!

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    Retired as a SSG/E6. Just couldn't see any real benefit with accepting E7 and spending 2 more years in a maddening pc atmosphere.

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    E7 in the US Army. Spent two years doing 1SG duty and was awarded "M" skill designator. Got out after 10 years but often wonder what it would be like to have stayed and retired at 30 a few years ago. Duty at Ft. Campbell, FRG, and Ft. Polk.

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