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Thread: What Was Your Rank?

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    Dec 2010
    Lees Summit, Missouri, United States
    I Retired as a GySgt, 20 yrs!

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    1957 - 1980. CWO3 retired Av Ordnance


  4. Mso496 & lph5 (1968)

    Rank was e4 enginman,4 years on the big water. Was in PI, Japan & back to the states, Longbeach, panama city fla, to Charleston SC.
    From okla., but live in Mt. since 84.
    Kinda parcel to my 1911, keep her close to my heart @all times. Spend most of my time in the back country.

  5. MSGT/E7 USAF retired 24 years
    '76-'80 and '83-'03
    Master Sergeant

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    Retired AF MSgt. 24 years in security police

  7. E-6 20 years in the National Guards 17 1/2 years Infantry, 2 1/2 years Miltary Police Three deployments to Iraq. I was injured on my last deployment

  8. Oooorah zeus,,,,
    Nice to have a fellow 11Boo on the site. If you don't mind me asking, how were you injured? I was injured while in norhern Iraq in 05, took schrapnel in my back and legs. I retired after my 5th WOT deployment, I took 3 in the gut while on patrol in A-Stan so I figured that I had used up all my luck and better get out while I still had a heartbeat. I was headed right back there for one more tour if I would have held out for my 30. I got 27 years in though. Thanks for your service brother.

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    E-5 4 years in the U.S.M.C
    NRA trainer http://www.missouriccw.com
    Holster Maker http://www.rockingwholsters.com

  10. Drafted in 66 and got out 21 months later as an Specialist E-5

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    new london,wi

    A Vet

    I severed in the U.S Army and was proud of it , unitl you were greeted by people(young kids) who were stupid and didn't realize what a veteran did for their country. I forgave, because they were ignorant. not their fault, but the media. it was cool to hate the army vet, for what reason ,they didn't really know. but it was cool in their eyes. It sucked, if they only knew how to go thru an airport wearing civilian clothes, just so you would not get s--- on was acutually outragious. but hey that was back in the early 70"s i hope these younsters served now, at least some of them and say wow, WAR really sucks" am I ever coming home.

    3RD BN/ 18th FA

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