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  1. I retired after 20 years and 21 days as an E-7, Master Sergeant, USAF. I usually don't talk much about it, unless someone asks when I show my I.D. to get a discount at Lowes or another store. To be perfectly honest with you, I'm getting far more out of the military than I ever put into it. I was a REMF, flying a desk, and never did anything that even approaches heroics. I did serve in the company of heroes, and my Dad's WWII exploits are legendary. He should have been killed several times, but he always blew off his service with "everybody enlisted after those *********g Japs bombed Pearl Harbor". He never spoke much of the War, but I talked to a guy he served with. What a story. Aviator, spy (the real deal, working in civvies with Italian partisans)and only God knows what else.

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    thinking back, i never did say what my rank was. after getting busted a couple of times, I was an e/5 or 4. who knows and who cares anymore. that was a long time ago.I know i was offered E/6 to re enlist, but I said hell no. the army was changing. I was used to running in fatigues and combat boots. at that time running shoes weren't for me. 1 rice patty was plenty for me to boot. so I ended training LT's on jungle traing. needless to say it was fun,claymores,map reading, booby traps,yippi skippi! later you all

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    To all me fellow service members I would like to say thanks for all everyone has done. I was a corporal/specialist in the Army. Reason I say both is I had Corporal stripes before my new commander took them away because we got into a fight in town. The fight was sticking up for three Marines that were getting beat up by more than twelve civillians. We would not let it happen. So,that's a little about me.

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    US Navy Feb 71 Great Lakes Boot Camp
    NAS Oceana, Va Fighter Squadron 102, F4J's, 3 Med cruses CVA 62 USS Independence
    COMSUBLANT Staff duty. 8 years total.

    Wanted to do at least 20, xwife talked me into getting out,
    Biggest regret in my life: Not going back in the Navy after she left.

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    I made the the First Med cruisee on Enterprise back in 1960. Back then the fighters were F-8 Crusaders and F4D Skyrays. Can't remember which Squadrons were aboard then.

    Welcome aboard.

  7. Usn

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    I served with 3Bn 7th Marines in 05-06 Ramadi!!! Thanks for your service brother!

  9. SFC retired US army...OOaaah!

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    US Navy 1997-2009. Was a Chief Petty Officer when I got.

  11. I as E5 Sgt when I got out of the Army.

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