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Thread: What Was Your Rank?

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    Ohio, Wilmington
    E-4 SRA When I got out of AIRFORCE

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    Currently E-6 in the ANG.

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    NC, Camp Lejeune
    I am A SSGT in the USMC!

  5. Sergeant E5, US Army

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    E-5(P) U.S. Army 1974-1980.

  7. I was

    In the Army back then MOS was 95B20V5 which is a Military Police E5 w a Military Police Investigator Identifier, i gradusted from MPI school basically, did my initial 5 year MP enlistment and regret ETSing after my wife and i decided I would decline the CID School, MOS change that i just spent 6 months trying to get only to say I risked divorce had i choose to reclass, I regret that i didnt tale that journey, Instead i got out and immediately was a Cop int Hometown, And Divorced to my 1st wife 18 months after telling the SAC in Augsburg whom i basically kidded ass for 6 months I will not take the Reclass and wldnt reenlist, I Missed an oppurtunity and who knows, prolly wldnt have had a Drunk run into me in a Ford Excursion while doing 30mph into my door and 6 years into mt Civilian LE Career, NJ forced me into retiring at 66-2/3rds of 90k us bennies for rest of my life, now i dobbail bonds and I miss the Job everyday !

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    AE1-Aviation Electrician from '74 until '80. Helicopter Combat Support squadron, AIMD, etc. Was on the USS Eisenhower during its 1st sea trials when our next most notoriously bad president (Carter) and his wife came on board right after he was elected.

  9. Corporal, United States Marine Corps, MOS - 2542 Comm (1994-2000)

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Canis-Lupus View Post
    We all leave our rank behind us when our time is done in the military, it really only counts for more retirement pay if U hit 20-30 years and even that is not cash that lets U live very well off. But with (almost) every trip to the V.A. I find some jack-off who is barking out orders at patients and staff like he or she is still the Sergeant-Major or a 2-star Division Commander they used to be when they were active. I treat all Vets as equals (Comrades in Arms) as they served when SO many others ducked or chose the easy paths of life and have no concept what we gave up so they could safely live out their years in normal lives doing the things few of us ever managed, like staying put for a decade/or 2 and making good neighborly friends or buying a home, not renting one every 3 years, climb as high as they wanted/could manage and did what they wanted with their lives, not what others decided to do with the only shot at life or death or the wounds or bugs we got that they seldom woried about. For them an alert was a broken washer, for us a call in the night to "pack-it-up and roll" to go meet some very real hostiles who wanted us dead. 3 years or 30 in gave most Vets more life experiences than any civilian stuck in an boring office-job would get in 10 lifetimes! Keep the medals they mean nothng now, a genuine 'Thanks' is worth a Medal of Honor from those who have an idea of what we went thru as a cook or as a Airborne Ranger! I salute you all!

    Interesting! I have never left my rank behind (Cpl, USMC - 94'-00') But the statement is true that your rank doesn't carry over in to Civilian life per se. If i run into a vet of a higher rank, I still give due respect, but am not bowing down to them. You may see it as treating them differently, but in my opinion, they deserve that type of respect. I'd do the same to another Cpl who is no longer AD. I served in the Marine Corps and give due respect regardless of rank...i appreciate your perspective!

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    I was an E-4 when I got out of the USAF.

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