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Thread: What Was Your Rank?

  1. MyRank is E-6 Staff Sargeant

  3. E7/MMC in USN for 18 years

  4. My Rank is E-6 I have been in the Army National Guards for 19 Yeaers 17 of those years as Infantry 2 years as a M.P.

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    SGT/E-5 63E20 Retired 16 Years US Army M1 Abrams Mechanic. 12 years in Germany, 4 years at FT. Hood Tx. Also on the US Army Shooting Team Service Rifle M-14's

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    E4 Gunnersmate, Navy
    Sept65 - Sept69

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    Discharged to the Reserves as a HospitalCorpsman 2c / E5. I had to extend a few months to be eligible for the bump from E4. I was in from '75-'79; two years at Cp. Lejeune working dispensary services, physical exams, and as a "fill in' Corpsman around the units on the base when their Doc was on leave or otherwise unavailable. The last two years were up in Portsmouth VA at the Regional Medical Center working in Clinical Investigation and Research service.

    Reserves were a little disappointing; mostly watching "Seapower for Security" films and giving VD/STD chats to the local Sea Scouts. A few well placed pictures of some chancroid lesions (like a pit in the groin where the tender bits used to be)and some of the youthful lust dissipated somewhat, in favor of "look before you leap" precautions.

  8. Still in, CPT/O3 in the Army NG.

  9. SGT, E-5, 3 years in the regular Army - MP & CID; then 3 more years in the Guard, SSG, E-6 - Military Police Investigator.

  10. E-6 from the United States Navy, served 1986-1996. Sailed on the USS Schofield FFG-3, USS Tarawa LHASA-1, and USS Shiloh, Plankowner, CG-67!

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    I was an E-3 deck seaman.USS Nashville out of Norfolk,VA.1992 to 1994.

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