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Thread: What Was Your Rank?

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    Got out in 1988 . . . P3 on legs!

    CPT/O-3 11A3Z Northern Areas of Operations Mortar Unit Officer

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    Usn, e-6, recon corpsman, retired

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    U.S. Army M.P. 1983-1986. Stationed in Germany and Honduras. Came out a corporal.

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    I was a E-3/Airman when I got out of the Navy back in 1993. I was a E-5/SGT. when I got out of the Army reserve back in 2002 (Military Police).

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    I've been a Sgt. E-5 and when I left the Army I was a Sp/E-5.

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    Hey Canis-Lupus, I like your post. I'm retired Navy Chief, both Submarine qualified and served in Spec-war special boat unit. I was middle management then but now I'm my own boss and it's sweet. I salute you!

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    Medically retired US Army, SFC at 15 years. I really do miss it.

  9. I was a 2nd Class Petty Officer as a Aviation machinest mate then got out and join the army as a medic

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    Was a navy gunnersmate 2nd class (SW)...8 yrs till my knee got messed up and docs wouldn't fix...really miss it

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    I retired from the Navy. I had over 27 years servcie. In those 27 years I carried a Springfield 1901 blocked rifle in boot camp. On board various ships I carreid a 1911 45 pistol on watch but never put any rounds in it. Never went to a range but in 1982 I received 4 hours instruction from a USMC Lt in a jungle clearing in Panama on use and practice with a 38 revolver. My experience in the military with defesive wepons was nill. On a PBR I fired some rounds for drill. The Navy is not a personal gun toting organization except for the SEALS and few other units. I need these froums and the gun range nearby to use and learn about my weapons. At retirement my rank was CWO4 (Submarine Engineering Technician)

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