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Thread: What Was Your Rank?

  1. Ssg(p) US Army
    11Bravo Light Infantry(LRSC)
    Sec MOS: 67Tango Blackhawk Crewchief/Repairman
    Stateside(The World!!!!), European theater,Middle East, Back to the World!!!!!
    Thank You and God Bless you all!!!
    It took them then and still takes today all the brave and selfless Men and Women who serve to keep us safe and free!!!
    Remember that we all took the oath to keep our country safe from all enemies both foreign and Domestic!!!!
    Be Vigilant!!! Be Safe!!!! Thank a Veteran for what you have!!!! They made it possible in the long run!!!!!

  3. @Patriotpapa: Camp Hof perhaps??? Used to pull their border patrol when they went to Graf or some other training area!!! Ah the good old days!!! LOL!!!
    1983 -1985
    1st Infantry Division
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    ssgt U.S. AF

  5. I retired bu1 /first class USN /SeaBees,after 22 years
    Spain/Vietnam/Italy/Greece/Crete/Portorico/Spain and 58 other countrys

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    Aug 2012
    Oh, Westerville/Oxford
    Enlisted in 1987 (E1). Currently a Major.

  7. SSgt with line number for Tech - had choice to stay in or get "pregnancy" discharge - Husband and I couldn't fathom anyone else raising our child if we were assigned to separate duty stations or sent remote. Thought it would be best to make the decision when we had the choice rather than "whine" about it later.

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    Aug 2012
    Raleigh, NC
    SP4, MP Corps, 1971-74 - regular army.
    Ft. Benning Airborne/duty station; 32nd Air Def Arty, Dichtelbach, Germany.

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    May 2012
    Western Kentucky
    I'm a Vietnam Vet and my rank was SP5. Army Security Agency 1966-1970.

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    Retired SSG E-6 22 yr USAR and Persian Gulf Veteran
    Was in the best Transportation Unit (active or Reserve)
    762nd Trans.
    Sr Heavy Truck Driver
    Radio Operator
    Asst Platoon Sgt
    Asst Truckmaster

  11. SP4/E-4 US Army 1989-1992 1st BN, 34th AR, 1st Infantry Division. Desert Storm Vet.

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