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Thread: What Was Your Rank?

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    USAF E5 Retired 1993 Aircraft Maint Scheduler (392X0) , but **** happens when you piss off egotesticle fighter jocks (ground their jet and watch them turn red!) and don't kiss ass to Senior NCO's that tell you to lie to inspectors during Command ORI. That's alright, I sleep well at night and can look myself in the mirror. And I'd go back in, in a heartbeat.

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    Thank you all for your service to our great nation.

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    Drafted into the Army in 1968 out in 1970, Spec 4. In an attempt for an early out I took the exam for the LA PD and to my surprlise I was accepted. My future wife didn't share my joy however. We settled on a compromise and I became a Cop in Missouri. If it hadn't been for the service I may not have found my calling. Getting Drafted was a very good thing for me!

  5. USN Seabees
    Steelworker, got out as a E6

  6. SMSgt, USAF, 26 years, Ditty Bopper X1, retired from NSA. I was stationed overseas 20 years, gained a perspective of just how great our country really is. The military years were the best years of my life.
    Have concealed weapons license from Delaware and carry a Smith & Wesson M & P 40 cal. My family are dedicated Patriots and would pick up arms again and fight for this country if needed. I taught them all how to handle weapons in their defense. God Bless you all, our fighting men and women around the world, and God Bless America.

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    E-6 at Retirement. Stayed E-5 for 16 yrs so I would be on the range and not behind a desk. Was in Air Nat'l Guard at the time as a cop and CATM (Combat Arms Training & Maintenance) Firearms Instructor.

  8. What Was Your Rank?

    Sgt: E-5. US Army. 1989-1996

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    U.S. Navy
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    USNR 88-93

  10. Wow, some really wonderful comments. Thanks for the thoughts and support!

    As some stated, many or most of us leave the rank behind when we retire. Besides, there are reasons people have for their rank. I knew one fellow that wanted to stay technical and fought to stay as E5 because E6 would move him into management that he didn't want.

    Personally, I have nothing to prove. I am USAF retired and now as a company VP I have several people working for me that out ranked me in the military. For a time I had a squadron commander working for me and calling me "sir". It has it's place to clarify position and level of responsibility. The medals don't mean anything to the civilians and the only wall decoration that ever got any notice was my departure plaque with a recon pic of an SA-2 site - a tease from my coworkers about an almost-incident over northern Iraq (I was in post gulf-war operations). Now the only things on my walls at work are pics of my wife and kids - the thrills of my second life after retirement.

    The majority of vets I hire that still wear their rank are newly retired seniors. It took me awhile to get out of my military mindset and I work with them to make the transition easier.

  11. Seabees, retired Construction Mechanic Chief Petty Officer

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