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  1. Marines 1980-83 corporal

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    You R legit, don't matter if U were AD, AR or NG, or US (draftee) if U did 30 days and got a DD214/honorable discharge, U R a Vet, so cancel your honarary membership! My fave 'missions' were training U folks (our Division's round-out BDE) during your 30 days active. "Put up the GP-Medium troops!" "Don't bother SFC/E7 M, we parked the RV's over by the BBQ pit" Was like 30 days leave for us active-duty brain-washed types.


    Yep, always scouting out areas for when the SHTF on November 6, 2012. Yes I was a SFC E-7, but I was not a Platoon Sergeant, I was an Area Communication District Maintenance Supervisor. Funny thing when VA wanted my DD 214 and the clerk gave me a funny look, he asked, is this correct? I said it is an official US Document. He told me he had never seen anyone spend fifteen years in the Army never leaving your duty station as a 31 M being promoted from E-1 to E-6 Multichannel Operations Specialist and being promoted to an E-7 32Z40 Area Communication District Maintenance Supervisor but never shows you ever worked in maintenance. I said call the Department of the Army in DC and ask them, an hour later he returned and told me, the Army said if that what the DD 214 says, then this is what he done. I shrugged my shoulders and said I cannot help it. I am 100% disabled by VA, SSD in combination with Department of Labor from my military injuries which I'm not allowed to talk about that either except for what's in my Army record and Medical Records.
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    LTC 23 yrs Retired 2005 ARMY Combat Engineer Sappers Forward

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    I was in the USAF during the Vietnam era. Was in for 4 years got 3 stripes (E-4). At times I wish I had stayed in.

  7. Air Force...fairly elevated grade (aka rank) but that status isn't relevant to non-military situations in retirement.

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    US Navy E-5 Petty Officer 2nd Class June '65 - June '69

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    AW2 (PO 2nd Class) USN, '93 - '98

  11. sargent E-5, drafted for 2 years, 101st airbourne inf & 75th rangers. nam 1970

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