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Thread: What Was Your Rank?

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    Corporal E-4...
    Then demoted to E-1.
    I would have been promoted to Sergeant E-5, but the C.O. (Captain) was a real jerkoff.

    I was the Captains personal driver when serving in the California Army National Guard and one very hot summer during annual training he unexpectedly ordered me to go into a makeshift CS gas (tear gas) hut without a gas mask for 'training purposes' (which I had done before in basic training).
    Unfortunately I did not bring my eyeglasses with me for annual training and I was wearing my contact lenses at the time. I also had no way to safely remove & store the contact lenses with my dirty hands d/t days of training out in the field.
    FYI; CS gas can be very dangerous to the eyes of contact lens wearers, it's molecules can get trapped under the lens and burn a hole in your corneas.

    When I advised the Captain of my contact lenses situation, he got all pi$$y with me and insisted that I still go into the tear gas hut.
    After once again trying to calmly explain my situation to him, he huffed and puffed and then he ordered me to wear an older (untested) gas mask into the tear gas hut that was lying on a table near the huts entrance.

    I flatly refused.

    Later on when we were alone in the Humvee, he gave me a royal a$$ chewing.
    He bloviated and yelled that I "made him look bad" and that I was "being insubordinate".
    He then further threatened me with all kinds of bullcrap, including demotion.

    I looked him squarely in the eyes and I told him to go F himself.
    No Bueno.
    But it sure felt great & the look on his face was priceless!
    LMAO! =-)

    Afterwards he proceeded with all of his threats. I was demoted to E-1, Replaced as his driver and given ***** details for the remainder of annual training. When we got back from annual training he ordered me into his office. He then bloviated to me some more and advised me to "square myself away" if I ever hoped to make E-4 again.

    It was then and there that I demanded to get out of the Guard.
    He refused, made more threats, blah, blah, blah.
    I let him know exactly what I thought of him and I never showed up for drill again (AWOL).

    I was eventually placed into the inactive ready reserves and I later got out with a general discharge under honorable conditions as an E-3.
    It was somehow later changed to an honorable discharge years later.
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  3. U.S. Navy CPO (E7) Chief Aviation Ordnanceman

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    I was in the Army from 1966-1970, and was an E1, E2, E3, E5, and E6 (skipped E4). MOS 98G4L80 (Vietnamese Voice Intercept).
    I also served in the Navy Reserve as a 1635 Intelligence O1 through O3, from which I retired.
    Served in Viet Nam (67-68) and Beirut (1983 aboard the LPH2 Iwo Jima).

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    I retired from the Army after 22 years of service as a CW3 (Chief Warrant Officer 3). I turned down a promotion to CW4 in order to retire when I wanted to.

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    AMS1 (E6) retired in 1994 spent from 1971-1975 in the Marines.

  7. got out (regrettably) as a SP5E5. was guarenteed a 6 slot if i had re-enlisted. young and dumb is the only answer.

  8. retired MS1 E-6 Did my 20 and got out from 2/27/79 to 2/27/99.

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    MSgt USAF
    Tinbender and loved it.
    Freedom comes from the blood of fallen VETS

  10. Sgt-E5 1968-1970 Army

  11. LTC, US Army, USAR, OHARNG. 1979-2008

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