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  1. Hello one and all. I too served in the US Marine Corps. '74 - '80 MOS: 231 - in English that is Non-Morse intercept/Electronic Warfare Operator. Fancy title. I worked crypto and intelligence interception ops. Served '75 - '77 in Rota, Spain. Same time Generalissimo Franco bit the dust and we had Spanish Moroccans try to invade from North Africa. Not much of a fight with 3 different Marine units, Spanish Marine unit and a bunch of crazy Seabees. After fun in Spain I ended up in Adak Alaska, out at the end of the Aleutian Island chain. 30 below zero for an average but what the heck, I was young and full of vinegar. Actually enjoyed the cold back then. Now I stay as warm as possible at all times. LOL Adak was fun because we got Migs doing flyovers to photo our antenna arrays. Scrambled some jet fighters from Elmendorf to 'escort' them back home. I re-upped in Adak and got my choice of duty station ad I went to Scotland. Beautiful country and more beautiful lassies!! About a year into my Scottish tour I was involved in an auto accident (no alcohol involved) and woke up 4 days later in a Scottish hospital. Seems a fence post went thru my windshield, whacked me just below the left eye and then exited out the back window. Needless to say, I have a hard head!! LOL But lost my left eye and after fighting the Marine Corps to stay on active duty, I was medically retired from the Corps. Some silly rule about two eyes. LOL such is life. Receive 70% service connected disability from the VA. After I was discharged, I used my GI Bill and went to college Worked a number of different jobs in the private sector and then landed a position in a federal job. Worked in several different federal agencies and just retired this past Dec. from the US Secret Service. A wild ride to be sure.
    So..... Just wanted to pop in, send up some smoke and say hello to everyone. Once a Marine - Always a Marine.

    USMC - '74 to '80
    NRA Life Member
    DAV Life Member
    Marine Corps League Life Member

  3. Hello,


    Active Army

    Currently at Ft Carson.
    68W currently going through MEB for injuries sustained my last deployment.

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