Closing the border.
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Thread: Closing the border.

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    Closing the border.

    This has probably been around before but is still interesting to watch. The scary part is that both countries have nuclear weapons. Let's hope that they continue in their peacock strutting and never get more serious.

    How the border between India and Pakistan is closed, every day. [VIDEO]

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    I've always gotten a kick out of that video, it is both entertaining and instructive to watch. It's an exaggeration of military pomp, snap & polish they learned from the Brits in the 19th century. It all looks a bit funny until you look at their eyes...

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    Meh...they're both all talk. Yes, they have nuclear arsenals...but they are both extremely overpopulated and only a small portion of each lives in the modern world. The elite wouldn't risk losing their few power stations. If they did, those that live in the slums would swarm the government facilities like teenage girls at a Beiber concert.

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