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    What's Going On??

    Has anybody read any of this? I hadn't heard anything about any F-16 fighter jets being shot down near Washington DC, just before all the embassies were shut down in the mideast. And Switzerland issuing "Do Not Travel" advisories for the US? WTH?

    I've never heard anything about the EU times, so I don't know if it's a conspiracy minded media outlet or not. But I'd really like you folks' take on what's going on.

    Switzerland Warning Against Obama Regime Stuns Russia | EUTimes.net

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    Do you tin foil hatters even read the crap you post before you post it?

    BEIRUT — Rebel fighters said Monday that they shot down a MiG-23 jet in eastern Syriaand captured the pilot, a claim disputed by the Syrian government
    Syria rebels claim shoot-down of fighter jet; government disputes report - Washington Post
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    Two F16 on training flight off of Dover Bumped. One went down pilot ejected. other was able to land. both pilots treated one released. still cleaning the **** off the other.

  5. Hey... thanks for sharing this information on military and veterans. It is great thread on this important issue.

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