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Thread: 89 Year Old WW2 Veteran 'Savagely Beaten To Death' By 2 Teenaged Thugs

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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Outlaw View Post
    Just look at those innocent looking cherubs. I'll bet that if Obama had a son, he'd look just like either of them.
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    Charlie (Virginia FFL / SOT)

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    Quote Originally Posted by bootsdeal View Post
    I'm sorry, but when you think "white," you don't automatically relate that to rape, murders, fathering of bastard children, recipient of undeserved welfare, gang-bangers, armed robbery, carjacking, beating up on old men or women, and on and on we go. However, when you think "black," that's the first thing that comes to mind. Wonder why that is. Blacks are no longer the poor, undertrodden person of the early 1900's. Every opportunity is available to them, but they refuse to use the benefits of this country to improve their way of life. They'd rather blame everything on whitey and keep on with their criminal and immoral acts. They even refuse to listen to upstanding people of their own race like Bill Cosby and continue with their criminal actions, calling him an Uncle Tom. And then people like Obama, Sharpton, Jackson, Oprah, etc keep on stirring the racial pot. I know I'm gonna be called a white racist, but no I'm a white realist.
    I'm almost 60 and have seen the way blacks were treated in the 50s and 60s. I was at Camp LeJeune in the early 70s and saw the way blacks were treated in the military as well as down south.

    They have been given EVERY opportunity to have better lives, get better jobs, get better education. You name it, we've bent over backwards to make up for the way they were treated. It's time to stop using the past as a crutch. Come on Sharpton, Jackson, Winfrey - address the real issues.
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    Charlie (Virginia FFL / SOT)

  4. I went to our local grocery store yesterday, and as I was heading down the Bread isle I noticed an gentlemen in a wheel chair trying to reach a loaf of bread. I approached him to offer my assistance when I noticed his hat WWll Veteran along with his Purple heart ribbon attached to it.

    I thanked him for his Service, and shook his hand at that moment I began to tear up, thinking how anyone could beat to death someone like this man. Why would anyone do this..

    The rest of my day sucked thinking about the Veteran that was Brutally Murdered...

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    The WWII generation was my grandparent's generation. I grew up in the '70s and 80's listening to their stories. Some were harrowing and sad but never graphic. The thing I remember most about those men was that very few were bitter toward the enemy and they relished telling funny stories about service life over everything else. I miss those guys I used to talk to as they have heavily influenced how I turned out today. God bless them.
    "When you have to shoot...shoot, don't talk."---Tuco Benedicto Pacífico Juan María Ramírez (aka "The Rat")From The Good the Bad and the Ugly.

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