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Thread: Fort Hood Shooter found guilty on all counts!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MI .45 View Post
    What ever happened to "the cowards & traitors execution" - a good ole' hanging? Once considered the most ignominious of deaths, (former Major) Hasan should simply have a bag put over his head, a rope around his neck and let one of the Ft. Hood wounded pull the lever. Throw the garbage in a hole... oh, and as far as I'm concerned, throw a pig carcass in there too. No muss, no fuss and all the patriots will sleep better!
    I was all for dipping bullets in pig tallow and shooting him. But, I like your idea. Someone could cover the rope in pig tallow, the drop door on the gallows in pig tallow and make him walk to his position barefoot. So much for his position as martyr and 70 virgins. Make sure all the way to the gallows he is wearing pig legs fit on a necklace around his neck. Then throw in pig entrails inside his casket and let him know in advance this is going to happen. Only then will he realize he does not get a reward for terrorism.
    -----When you have islamist extremists who perform acts of terror with the idea they will die as a martyr, common sense is to make sure they know our justice will not let them die as a "martyr" but as a criminal condemned to hell. Only when all those in the West decide to counter the extremists through specific action that lets them know they will not go to paradise will they stop. Every moozlum terrorist must know, whatever is left of their body will be buried by the state in pig's blood and remains. There can be no reward to them however they perceive it.
    Dave "The said Constitution shall never be prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms." Samuel Adams

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    Feed him half raw, half rotten sow belly for the rest of his life while locking him up in a 6x7 windowless cell. And never letting him know which way is east.

    I'm so Liberal that I work at the Bill and Hillary Clinton Regional Airport!

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    And now that he's been sentenced to death, get it over with. And above all, make sure some of our suggestions are inflicted on him. They're all good ones, surely at least one of them could be taken seriously.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob in Bristol View Post
    Why on earth did it take so long to come to the obvious verdict? Now the automatic appeal process begins. Will this animal continue to collect his pay during his appeal? The victims and the survivors will continue to suffer. This is justice?
    Unless our dear despicable government takes this garbage out back and shoots him without anyone knowing about it and then buries him in the desert near Ft Hood wrapped in a pig carcass, executing him is exactly what he wants. Let him rot 24/7 in isolation and maybe, if we are lucky, some prisoner or guard will "get to him". No publicity--let him sit and not get his martyrdom--all he will have is his 4 walls with no virgins--even if the virgins smell and look like the camels he is used to making love to. I surely understand the execution advocates but they are giving him what he wants and taking it away from this twisted a-hole is a worse punishment. Even his appeals or whatever should not be televised or be publicly announced--"out of sight, out of mind" and it will drive him crazy. Unfortunately in this country with the wuss government in place we probably will have to be "nice" to him and "afford him all he wants" and be "mindful of his moslem heritage" and the rest of the garbage that has turned this country and our military in some kind of toilet bowl. Amazing how quickly we got rid of the Oklahoma City bomber--different circumstances but even the idea that Ft Hood was "workplace violence" and not terrorism after he screams for dumbo allah is outrageous and a product of an administration that is outright anti-american and anti-american values.

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    I don't think they should execute him -- I think he should be in solitary for the rest of his life. No mail, no TV, no radio, no contact with the outside world whatsoever. Let the world forget about him, and let him rot.

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