Please sign a petition to allow CHL on military post
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Thread: Please sign a petition to allow CHL on military post

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    Please sign a petition to allow CHL on military post

    Pleas sign the petition on the White House website to allow our service members to carry a concealed handgun on a military post. We are tired of being sitting ducks. Our familys deserve to have the same protections that everone else does.

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    Does not look legit. A lot of grammar errors.

  4. Petitions are as high on the "feel good and delude yourself into thinking you've taken a bold stand with a possibility of success" scale as they are abysmally low on the effectiveness scale. The only thing they are good for is to highlight extreme political naivete. Any petition to do what this one purportedly does in such amateurish fashion will only generate rolled eyeballs and derisive laughter.

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    I agree with the concept. I also agree that it is poorly written. A better petition would be the elimination of all "gun-free" (ie. killing) zones, and to make sure military installations are expressly included in the list of others such as schools, government offices, universities, medical facilities etc.
    The easiest argument for this is that most gun-free designations are designated by state or local ordinance. By virtue of the bill of rights, the 2nd amendment forbids the feds from infringing, and the 10th amendment says the States have no jurisdiction over the first 8 amendments. Military bases are the only exception I can think of that are federal gun-free zones.

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    The petitions on that site are written by people like you and me. You see typos and poorly written posts on here all the time. Granted it would have been a lot more credible if they'd have proofread it before posting. This is just an explanation.
    If any of you are up to it, you can write a better one and maybe have more luck with it. People are a lot more likely to sign a petition that is well written.
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    Quote Originally Posted by opiegump View Post
    Does not look legit. A lot of grammar errors.
    Can't tell you how many of these petitions have been like that.

    Instead of signing a petition that will be blown off by the president, why don't we each take the time to contact the offices of our representatives and urge them to repeal DOD Directive 5210.56, enacted in 1992 by Donald J. Atwood, deputy secretary of defense under President George H.W. Bush? This is the directive that essentially designates military bases as gun free zones.

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    I remember a petition where a couple of university students got people to sign a petition banning dihydrogen-monoxide.

    Reasons given were:
    - leading cause of drowning
    - both hydrogen and oxygen are extremely explosive
    - most organisms that cause severe sickness live in environments rich in dihydrogen-monoxide
    - found in excised cancerous tumors
    - is a fire retardant
    - leading cause of the green house effect

    You get the drift.

    For the unaware, dihydrogen monoxide is just water.
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    Why only for military, why not citizens that go on base too? It would be better to get the elected officials to allow our Arm Forces to be Armed while state side. As shown by the Navy Yard shootings the rent a cop security they have guarding the bases are not worth the money being paid.

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