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Thread: Two more generals have been fired. Marine Generals.

  1. Quote Originally Posted by officerT View Post
    Has anyone heard about the LITMUS Test. this is where officers are being asked by the obama administration if they would open fire on civilians and if they say no they are out of the military
    Yes. It's a myth--a fabrication (that is, yet another fabrication) by right-wing internet denizens (many of whom are, unfortunately drawn to gun forums instead of staying in their political, "patriot," and "militia" forums) whose every thought (a term which I use loosely and charitably in this context) is driven by sheer, unrelenting hatred for Obama. They post and re-post anything consistent with that rabid obsession, each trying to top somebody else with something so outrageous that fellow haters will uncritically believe it has to be true. In pre-internet days these people would be dismissed as loonies and talk to themselves in parks or reside in institutionalized care out of sight and hearing of the public. Of course, Obama and his "leadership" don't deserve any praise, but criticism should at least be something above the crackpot level in terms of accuracy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by S&W645 View Post
    My question is, is 0bama an enemy foreign or domestic? We know he is an enemy but how to classify him is the problem.
    Outcome should be the same.

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