million veteran march October 13...
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    Exclamation million veteran march October 13...

    A million veteran march is planned for the World War 2 memorial in Washington DC October 13 to protest the treatment received by veterans during the shutdown.

  3. :thumbup: It's about time to honor our heroes.

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    Only wish I could be there. I think the backlash caused by the Marxist in chief has finally gotten enough people POed to stand up. This march crosses both sides of the aisle, when you dishonor the Vets.
    You go guys, show DC who the true heros of this country are. (And the truckers too, same weekend)

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    And don't forget, folks, while vets have been locked out of memorials, current stateside military personnel aren't being paid or fed - but are still being required to remain active. Within the last few days, stateside base commissaries and mess halls have been shut down, and military personnel who aren't receiving pay are being forced to raid their savings to shop at higher priced civilian stores. This protest should be for them as well.

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    I read that there is one being scheduled for Nov. 19, 2013 also. Maybe the date got changed, I'm not sure.

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    Cant wait for the "heartfelt" speech Obama will give. Hell speak from the "heart" then walk into the white house laughing thinking we all bought it....
    Only two defining forces have ever offered to die for you, Jesus Christ and the American Soldier....One died for your soul; the other for your freedom.

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