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Thread: Letters to Vets About Taking Their Gun Rights? Endorsed by 98 U.S. Senators

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    Quote Originally Posted by yarlan View Post
    who is to decide who is mentally incompetent?
    the gov sure isn't qualified
    Maybe they're going on the "It takes one to know one" theory?

  3. For the mechanics of 'how' & 'why', see posts up to No. 20 inclusive. You can bet your bottom dollar that there will be a flurry of 'protective' laws in the works prior to the Nov. mid-term elections; post elections, they will be finalized and enabled. Why? Second Amendment Rights v. Public Safety Perception is high, gun rights have been stated per intent of the Founding Fathers as valid by the the Courts, and the grabbers don't like it! We have a seated president who is a dedicated gun grabber, and a Congress who will oblige him.

    In the current proposed laws, the determinations are being done administratively and without a way for remediation. Therein lies the real dangers.

    Even more insidious are your kids and grand kids being asked about you, and family members having a gun in the house at doctors appointments, in school and by LEO. We have one election to turn these trends around, and a second one to cement our fates. Vote wisely!

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