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Thread: Weapon experience in the military: US Army

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    Roger that DocBoCook,
    Agree: "We all know that the S.E.A.Ls don't count."
    They still use the M-60 as a 7.62 hand-held MG,
    IMHO that is heavy-duty fire-power. BUD's 4 life
    Never met a SEAL I wasn't running away from off duty, or in training.


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    Tie for real fun...
    M60A1 firing a 105mm APDS...
    AH-1G firing the pylon mounted 20mm from the left inboard

    Worst US Mil Weapon
    M73 Coax, back on the big boys (M60A1's)....to say it was unreliable, jammed all the time and was worthless is to give it a compliment. Happiest day of my career as a tanker is when we were issued brand new Belgian made M240's....

    Most interesting...
    M3A1 grease gun...took about as long to load the mag as it did to empty it

    First Mil weapon fired
    M14 at Camp Pendleton

    Last US gubmint Mil weapon fired

    An the absolute most fun you can have while hanging it out there, scaring yourself to death....salvo'ing 2.75 FFAR during night diving fire, trying to hit the target without getting tgt fixation and burying yourself. Cobra's.....man they were fun!

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    I was never as good as my brother with the M-14. He got to go to sniper school and use the M-14 sniper version in Nam. I really liked it when I got to play with it later.

  5. I was 17 when I qualified at Fort Ord with an M14. Went to Vietnam at 18. I spent some time in the back of a war wagon. 45, M16, M79, M60, and the 50 cal, 360 degree turret mounted. I forget, was that called an M50? My favorite was the M14. I had good eyes then. I had 60 out of 61 hits. Aim low can't miss.

    S&W 686 4" between our pillows
    Taurus PT145 CCW
    S&W 442 back-up CCW
    CZ .380 wife's CCW

    Moving from California to Nevada soon. Hope to get a few assault rifles.

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    Small Arms: M1903, M1 (Garand), M1A1/A2 (carbine), M14 A1/A2, M16, XM161E, M1918A2, M1928A1/M1A1, M3, Rem 870, Win M97, Moss 590, M79, M203, MK18, M60, MA2, M1911-A1, M39, S&W revolvers of various types and calibres. Varous SMG's from various 'n sundry as well as pistols.

    M3/M24, MK 12, M61A1 (20mm cannon, platform mount)

    AK-47, SKS/Type 56, M44, RPK, MG42 & others

    Oh yeah... US NAVY... Aviation Ordnanceman

  7. Enlisted USMC FEB-68.
    Parris Island: Qualification w/ M-14, .45 Pistol
    Camp LeJune: Training w/ M-50, M-60, M-79, LAW, Flame Thrower and all the toys available.
    Qualification & Assigned MOS 0331 M-60.
    Pendelton: Qualification: M-16
    RVN: M-60, M-50, .45 Pistol, M-16, LAW, Grenades, Pop-up Flares, Claymores, C-4. plus all the free ammo you could carry.
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    m1 carbine ,m1 garand,m 14 ,m 60,45 colt auto, 3.5 rocket launcher,many others types after the service.

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    Another old dude

    M-1 M-14 M-16 Mod. #70 Win. Mod. # 700 Rem. M-1911-a1 M-60 - Ma Duce Just about every weapon that the Military had from 1963 untill 1978 when I got out.

    USMC 8541
    USAF small arms specialist

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    USMC 0311 (Infantry)
    USMC 8541 (Scout Sniper)

    M-16A2, M-4, M-40A1 Sniper Rifle, M-40A3, M82A3, M14 DMR, M60E3, M249, M240G, Mk-19, M-2, M203, LAAW, SMAW, AT-4, M-9, Claymore, M1911, 60mm and 80mm mortar, 30mm Bushmaster (Main gun on an LAV), C-8 (Canadian version of the M-16), SA-80, AK-47, SKS, PKM, RPK, Steyr AUG (Boarder Patrol guy had it) Sako TRG-22/42, Accuracy International AWM ............... think that's it for in the military.... now outside the Mil I can add a few more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DocBoCook View Post
    My very first armed watch in the US Navy was Bow watch with a M-14 and a M-9 in 2002 on a supply ship on the left coast. I have ever since been in love with the M-14
    When I joined the army that was the rifle I was given and loved it wish I could get one anybody know where you can get them let me know never saw a m16 until I got to nam I got the m16 it sucked wouldn't own one

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