Happy ThanksGiving !!
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Thread: Happy ThanksGiving !!

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    Happy ThanksGiving !!

    I want to wish everyone Happy Thanksgiving this Thur. the 27th.

    Thanksgiving is my Favorite holiday,because of the family getting together and eating a big,
    great tasting meal. Needless to say, I love turkey and GRAVY,and all the other stuff.

    Too bad I have to work this Thanksgiving,and won't be able to have my most favorite meal of the
    year. But life goes on,and I will make do.

    But, I hope you all have a great one...


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    I kind of agree. Heading down to see my parents , and siblings. If i'm lucky maybe one of my brothers will take me out for a nature walk to look at quail or deer. hehe lol

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    wolfhunter Guest
    Hamster- "look at"? HeHeHeh

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfhunter View Post
    Hamster- "look at"? HeHeHeh
    Didn't want the wrong folks to know what might be for supper

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    Well said C-L

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