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Thread: Veterans should now salute the flag

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    Well, this is an interesting thread.... Served in Vietnam 69 Army, mortars... when I left I went into teaching for 36 years. I have ALWAYS saluted the flag, I new the law and protocols but it is amazing the people who do not know or even understand.
    My students (7-12 grades) were taught by me and I lead by example.... they were very willing to learn. There are many problems we as "AMERICANS" face but NONE are impossible to solve. Part of the issue is that in education where most learn the basics of community - MUCH is not taught or lead by example. Today it appears that the young have a "ME" and "I" sense with their place in the world. Yet, there are many with a "SERVE" mind set. "WE THE PEOPLE" need to demonstrate, show and lead to help the young both understand, and to learn. We should never forget the lessons we have learned and what we learn we NEED to pass down to the youth. The future is molded by the present....
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    I couldnt agree more,or have said it any better...

  4. I am still serving and it is an honor to salute our flag whether on or off duty, or in or out of uniform.

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    It's nice that congress has given us vets the right to salute the flag we fought under. I've been saluting the flag since 1966 when I became a Marine and earned the right to salute.

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    You've always had that right. There was nothing prohibiting you from saluting the flag before. All this new law did was formalize what was already within your rights. I never stopped saluting the flag when I retired. There are many misconceptions out there concerning the laws and etiquette governing our flag, such as the widespread myth that a flag must be burned if it touches the ground. The law doesn't say that, and it never did.
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    This has been the norm for me since I got out in 1993. I have since worked on military bases all over the as a Commercial Plumber and have always acted the same as if I was still active duty when it comes to Ole Glory. I ama foreman and all of my guys, ex-military or not are instructed by me to either respect the flag or go hide in the porta-jon. Most have no problem following my rules on this and if they do they will pay for it throughout the
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