New patch for the military?
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Thread: New patch for the military?

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    New patch for the military?

    Today, I found an article on the Patriot Update site which was telling of a new patch being made for wear by troops in the ME. The patch was described as "100% Haji style" by a former Army captain. The patch and accompanying medal feature a palm wreath in a crescent shape, three stars, and crossed scimitars on a green background, all of which bear similarities and associations with symbols of Islam, particularly the short, curved swords and crescent moon shape. The patch's design has been attributed to Obama but, in all seriousness, I doubt he ever saw or designed it. I tried to upload pictures of the design several times, and in different forums, but it is always stopped. Apparently it is going through this time. Does this seem like an approrpiate patch for Americans to be wearing? The final approval will have to come from the Pentagon.

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    Soldiers Livid After Obama Forces Them to Wear THIS [PHOTOS] : #patriotupdate @patriotupdate

  3. Man I sure hope not but if it is oh well, it is what it is because this is not my home we just passing by here, Thank God.

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    this patch? not only no but hell no!

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    I find it hard to believe that any official emblem of the US Forces would be written all in Arabic.

    There's more to this to be seen.

    ETA, OK, I see that the one on the left with the script is the Muslim Brotherhood insignia/logo/whatever, and the one on the right is the Army patch, in use since April.
    Still, without some text, like the Operation name, it's not a very well thought out choice.
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    The reference in the Patriot Update said the battleground over the patch is now at the Pentagon. Hopefully there are still some up there that haven't capitulated and gone over to the dark side. Surely we have some hope left up there!

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