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    hey harvey13118
    check out International Defensive Pistol Association
    at the bottom of front page--you can click into the current rule book
    it will explained everything

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    I like the concept of IDPA. I may seem like that there are alot of rules reguarding equipment, but that is to keep everything realistic/practical/less gamesmanlike.

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    I plan on going to my 1st IDPA match in a couple of weeks. I've gone to a USPSA match and seen IPSC. But, I think those two organizations are better off left to the young guns.

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    The IDPA and USPSA are both great ways to practice and learn by watching others. Sometimes you learn what not to do. My local range hosts them twice a month. 1 weekend its USPSA the last weekend itís IDPA. No one ever gets worse with practice. The ammo could cost you a lot if you donít reload. You will meet people better than you and some just starting out. Itís a great way to meet like minded folks. The rules for both are fairly close. IDPA on some stages you have to take cover and shoot from a covered position.. Eliminate targets in a tactical priority with out hitting the friendly targets. Draw your pistol from a concealed carry position (Very good practice if you CC). The stages will very. If you donít want to compete you can always watch but itís more fun to shoot. You will learn a lot.
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    I haven't gone yet, but my brother, who got me into shooting, has nothing but praise for it!
    The place where my brother went was an indoor shooting range that was set up with targets, which can be as "real life" as an outdoor one, depending on where the BG is.

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