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    Smile Night Sights

    I love night sights.
    How many of you guys use night sights,and how do you like them??
    I have used ,Trijicon,Mepro lights,Wilson combat,and Glock brand night sights,and all have served me well.
    I put night sights on all my hand guns. They work great in all light levels.

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    I have them on two of my guns and they definitely help these old eyes.

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    I have night sites on all my pistols and night sites and Crimson laser grips and night sites on my daily carry pistol. I don't have any on my revolvers.
    Back about 1989 I had a contract to put the night sites on the Anchorage AK police departments pistols and I have used them since then

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    They came standard on my Sig P229R Equinox .40 S&W. I really like them. They are very easy to pick up in low light conditions. I keep my gun on top of a soft case on my nightstand. The night sights make it easy to instantly locate the gun and pick it up correctly in the middle of the night.

    Of course, night sights should only be used as an aid in low light conditions. If it's too dark to see the sights at all, it's too dark to positively identify a threat without the use of a light.
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    I am a big fan of night sights too. While not a "must have" item, I feel that their benefits outweight their cost and any other downsides.

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    My HK has them. I like them.
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    my glock 27 with the truglo , i love them stay bright all day

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    I've got the Meprolight night sights on my Glock 20.... love them!!

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    Nice Picture!

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    Quote Originally Posted by G50AE View Post
    Nice Picture!
    Thanks! It was rather difficult as I had to try and hold the gun in one hand and keep the camera completely still with the other... in the dark!!. Try holding the camera that still while the aperture is open that long....!!! Very hard to do, that is why it is slightly!

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