Vietnam Veterans.
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Thread: Vietnam Veterans.

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    Exclamation Vietnam Veterans.

    Vietnam War Resources.
    ATTN: Vietnam Veterans, follow this link for an extensive source
    of data searchable and downloadable by time, place and unit in the RVN:
    Vietnam War Resources
    If you served in Vietnam this is an invaluable collection all in one place.


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    Thank you Sir
    Semper Fi

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    Great Web Page.......Thank You !!

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    Good info, thanks......
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    Thanks for the post Canis. The area on the air operations brought back some memories.

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    Thanks fellas,
    When I was a PVT/19 all my NCO's were 'Nam Vets, (1977), they told me about some way-hairy stuff I had no idea a human could endure in places I couldn't even pronounce, now I just spend hours on that site and I can't help but honor their memory. Please share it with any Vietnam Veterans you know. My Plt Sgt was on the Son-Tay op, now I know why he got so angry when I slacked/whined.


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    Super post, Canis, thanks. There are many memories on those referenced sites, even for one who only flew over VN (many times!) and never was on the ground there.

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    I was never in Nam, but hubby was, and OMG I could never ever even repeat some of what he says let alone do I want to think of most of those things. Now he never is one to peruse sites like the one you provided. PTSD still hangs over his head after all this time. I do what I can to help, it's hard for me, but SO MUCH HARDER for him! Bless all who spent time over there. I'm blessed that he came home!

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    What an absolutely great site! Thanks for passing along. Vietnam Vet 1 Aug 69 - 1 Aug 70. USAF retired
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    thanks for the post. Great site with alot of information.
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