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I worked with a guy years ago that was a patalogical lier. Some of the stories he would tell you would not believe but it was as though he really believed what he was saying. After had moved to a different area I had not seen him for a while I ran into him in the lunch room. He asked me if I was still running. I told him I was. He then said that he had started running. Right away a red flag goes up. This guy could not walk a mile little on run.
Next he said " I ran my first sub 4 min, mile the other day. I don't see what is so hard about that. All you have to do is run 45 second laps." He also had a brother that had a 275 bowling average. These were just some of his wild stories. I could write a book.
I bet he could also make a 90 degree cut shot on a pool table. (NOTE: Physically impossible)