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    I am a new member from MN. I plan on getting my Permit to Carry in October. I have been training with a "trusted advisor" that has pointed me to your site. I look forward to interacting with others on the forum and would like to compliment you on a very professional and informative website. Great Jb.

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    Welcome from Oklahoma!

  4. Welcome from a northern Minnesota CCW.

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    Welcome from st paul mn :)

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    Welcome from Michigan!!! Hope you enjoy your shooting. GOOD LUCK!!

  7. welcome form central MN, CCW class is easy and provides a wealth of information to take in. What are you gonna carry for a weapon?

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    Well did the class today and will send in for my permit on Friday.

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    I'm late to this party, but welcome from Nebraska! If you are like me, you can look forward to learning a lot from this group here!
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