Carry at a Vikings, Wolves, Wild Games?
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Thread: Carry at a Vikings, Wolves, Wild Games?

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    Carry at a Vikings, Wolves, Wild Games?

    Can you carry at any of these events? I'm guessing no as they have stepped up pat downs when you enter...

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    A lot even have metal detectors, I'm guessing no also. It's pretty close quarters in a game anyway so being fleet of foot or having quick fists are a better option anyway.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Keykutter View Post
    A lot even have metal detectors, I'm guessing no also. It's pretty close quarters in a game anyway so being fleet of foot or having quick fists are a better option anyway.

    If I were fleet of foot or had quick fists, I wouldn't need a CCW lol...who am I Bruce Lee? lol...Really though it's not that I'm worried about the game itself, it's the walk to and from. I pocket carry a LCP so maybe not even an issue...

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    this is what i found here......
    you might want to call the stadium and ask...MN PERMIT INFO
    Places off-limits when carrying:
    1. School property
    2. A childcare center while children are present
    3. Public colleges and universities may have policy restricting the carrying of weapons on their premises by employees and students while on campus
    4. Private establishments that have posted a sign banning guns on their premises
    5. Private establishments who have personally informed the permit holder that guns are prohibited and demands compliance
    6. Places of employment, public or private, if employer restricts the carry or possession of firearms by is employees
    7. State correctional facilities or state hospitals and grounds (MN Statute 243.55)
    8. Any jail, lockup or correctional facility (MN Statute 641.165)
    9. Courthouse complexes, unless the sheriff is notified (MN Statute 609.66)
    10. Offices and courtrooms of the Minnesota Supreme Court and Court of Appeals
    11. Any state building unless the commissioner of public safety is notified (MN Statute 609.66)
    12. In a field while hunting big game by archery, except when hunting bear (MN Statute 97B.211)
    13. In federal court facilities or other federal facilities (Title 18 U.S.C. 930)

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    For what it's worth, they just changed #12 :-) Now you can carry anytime in the field so long as you have the permit...

  7. While it is not illegal to carry at these events, if on-site security asks you to leave and you refuse to leave, you could be prosecuted under MN Statute 624.714 Sub 17


    Subd. 17.Posting; trespass.

    (a) A person carrying a firearm on or about his or her person or clothes under a permit or otherwise who remains at a private establishment knowing that the operator of the establishment or its agent has made a reasonable request that firearms not be brought into the establishment may be ordered to leave the premises. A person who fails to leave when so requested is guilty of a petty misdemeanor. The fine for a first offense must not exceed $25. Notwithstanding section 609.531, a firearm carried in violation of this subdivision is not subject to forfeiture.

  8. I went to a Twins game last season no problem. They basically only check large bags. Do you know how long it would take to get everyone in if they did pat-downs?
    I thought I remembered seeing a rule that stadiums over a certain capacity of spectators was off-limits. But I can't seem to find it. Must have been another state.

  9. Exclamation Be Realistic...

    The stadiums when I've been there are broadcasting audio that guns are banned over the PA system. However, the statute quoted in this forum states that unless you are in a prohibited area (schools, etc), you must either be informed by a properly posted sign or PERSONALLY informed. So, I guess you can TRY to walk through security with it, but if they find it and ask you to leave, you must. If you do not comply with such a request, it's a misdemeanor tresspassing violation involving a small fine, and I believe multiple offenses of that will have escalating ramifications. Further, think about this: You're with your friends and you have to take the gun out to secure it before re-entering: "Hey guys, I have to ditch you for a bit and catch up...". And, did you drive or did you take the light rail? If you light-railed it, by the time you go and come back, it'll be the 7th inning stretch!! If you take it to your car, be careful to not be seen unholstering it and leaving it in your car; and secure it in your car so that if your car's broken into it's not likely to be stolen. Quite a hassle, if you ask me... I kind of agree with the dense crowds, it might be best to use your fists anyway. Your attacker would most likely be within 5 feet of you, as will innocent bystanders. The last thing we want is for a headline with a sad ending for a kid at a ball game, for example! There are very practical ways to deal with things that close taught by, for example, Krav Maga...

    See Permit to Carry (4hrs) | for more information and to enroll.

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    T 612.424.7955 Ext.101 | Safety and Skills for Peace of Mind
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    Did anyone know that you can't enter Yankee Stadium wearing a hoodie? What does that tell us?

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