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    Olmsted County

    Hows this Location for non resident permits.

    101 4th St SE
    Rochester, MN 55904

    Plan to be near there next month, and since Wis does'nt recognize my fl permit
    I'll get the Mn to cover it..

    Or got a better location, be cooming from the east up 90

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    I don't know that one specifically, but it's not listed as the worst one in a book that I purchased that is directly written on MN carry laws. It's in the green 0%-2.5% denial rate, I assume this is for in state but I think it would carry over.

    If I were you, I would call them specifically and speak to the person there that runs the process and make sure you just go over what they are looking for, say your name at least 3-5 times. Even if you know everything you need to send. That way when they get the information, the name will ring a bell and you may go through more easily.

    Just a thought....

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    I just found this a month after post so may be too late but for anyone else, the one thing you need is training by instructor that they approve and have that certificate ready to give them copy of. I am an instructor in Olmsted County and they are as ok as any other in the satee and better than many. I have never had a student turned down with the only exception being one that tried to sneak a criminal history past them that they didn't tell me about. But will need class, picture ID, completed form (avaiable online - just google it), and $100 and if your background checks out ok you should be good to go. Don't know why FL does not work with them but some of that never
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    Washington County has the highest approval rate for non-residents.
    Want your MN/WI/FL Carry Permit?

    Visit: www.carrypermit.net

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    Thanks for the reply's
    Unfortunately i'm a chicago resident, and have a florida permit, Was hopeing that wis would recognize floridas permit but that did'nt happen.

    My choice was either to get a minnesota or Az permit,
    I travel out to the clinic 6-10 times a year depending on how things are going thats why i asked about Olmsted, After research it was cheaper to get the Az

    So thats What i did.

    Again Thanks, And hopefully we'll get C/C passed here in the state of corruption

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