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  1. Excellent NRA Basic Pistol Course

    Am currently going through the steps for Concealed Carry. I had spoken with Grant Vlasak of Gunclasses.net , and deceided to go for the more in depth trainning involved with this class. Sure am glad I did. The class was outstanding.
    Grant did a tremendous job, of covering a lot of ground in a well organized, easy to understand, session. I had talked to some friends that had taken simplified courses elsewhere. They both admitted they couldn't remember much after getting home. I figured with the responsibility, I wanted as much education and confidence, going in. I know all the attendees were very pleased. Hoping this might be helpful to someone else trying to deceide which route/instuctor to go with.

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    I book marked the page. Looks good for when it's time to renew.

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    How much does this course cost?

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    This course sounds good. I'm pretty new to CC; I did take the CC course, passed but don't carry very often as I really don't feel too confident carrying daily. I feel a little more comfortable at home for self defense/home invasion defense. Where did you take the course and what was the cost?

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