22 LR Ammo - Gone?
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Thread: 22 LR Ammo - Gone?

  1. Unhappy 22 LR Ammo - Gone?

    Anybody have any idea why the supply of 22LR ammunition has dried up. In general 22 LR ammo has not been available for the last two month. I have not heard that the government is buying up 22 ammuniton but it would not surprize me. The government knows that firearms are worthless without ammuniton, if they can dry up the supply of ammunition they will stop the sale of guns. I've also heard that when it is available the prices are out of sight.

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    All ammo has dried up since the prez announced a weapons ban in December. Panic buying. Best bet is to NOT buy at inflated prices. Check walmart daily, they haven't raised their prices and it does come in stock from time to time but doesn't last long. I'm hearing anywhere from 6 to 12 months before things calm down and get back to normal.

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    Its a TOTAL ripoff, but you can get it here. Rimfire Ammunition for Sale surplusammo.com

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    Boy Scout, be prepared, bought ammo first time POS was elected, doubled down second time, it will settle out.

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    Maybe you can find your answer here


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  7. I found that my local farm and home store has a sign up waiting list for any ammo not in stock. I can't buy a 1,000 rounds, but I can sign up as often as I like. Waiting times are anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks, but I don't have to pay the exorbitant prices some places are asking. The last order took 3 days and I bought 325 rounds of Federal target ammunition for $15.00

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    Yep it's still scarce. You can get it in gun broker and other auction sites but the prices are crazy!!! Bid on Sundays and you can get better prices.
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    I just bought 1600 rounds of CCI mini-mag at gander mountain in rogers for $120.

  10. Just bought a brick of Thunderbolt at my local Bimart. $19. I really appreciate them for trying to stock ammo and not price gouging.

  11. Its not just panic buying. The government has been buying a ton up. But if you look around you can find it but it doesnt stay in stock long.

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