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    I live in MN but travel to TX often. I would like to carry in TX when I'm down there. I know I could get a non-resident permit out of another state that would cover TX, but what is it about the Mn p2c that the State of TX does not find acceptable? TX CHL holders can carry in MN. Why no reciprocity? Tried to contact TX DPS just got links no answers.

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    Hello Ruby... No idea about why Texas wouldnt honor MN Permit... My best guess is that Texas is a concealed-only carry state and MN is an open carry state... I do hope others would chime in about this... I do know that Minnesota doesnt accept many states' permit just because their requirements of purchasing permits is below Minnesota's standards... For example, Minnesota doesnt honor North Dakota, Montana, and Iowa permit because as far as I know, you are able to just walk in and apply for permit to carry in Montana and North Dakota without meeting any requirements (providing that you pass the background check) and just on-line course and test which consists of approximately 20 questions for Iowa...

    I have a son who lives in Austin, Texas with his mom during the school months so being able to carry in Texas was a priority for me... I went for a class that covered Utah and Florida permit requirements along with Minnesota, seeing how non-resident permits from both states is honored by Texas...

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    If Minnesota already recognizes the Texas permit, then it would be the politicians in Texas you would want to talk to, not those in Minnesota.
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    I'm an instructor in Texas. The reciprocity is based on the background checks performed by your state.

    Does your state do a background check thru the FBI NICIS database or youe State database.

    The Attorney General of Texas is the one that makes the decision to accept or deny the agreement with another state.

    here is the contact information if you need it.
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  6. Thank you Stingray for the most reasonable reply thus far. According to Mn Statute 624.714 (Sub.4) Minnesota backgrounds thru
    2 systems, MCIS (Mn. Crime Information System) and NICBCS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System). I will contact
    the Texas AG's office to see if they will be re-evaluating reciprocity in the near future.

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