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  1. Brown Security Consulting & Training, LLC

    BSC&T, LLC is a provider of quality security consulting and firearms training services.

    Classes coming in January 2011.

    NRA Courses
    BSC&T Courses including MN Carry Course

    **Coming Soon**

    Security consulting services for small businesses and families.
    Survival Courses

    On the web:
    Contact Us: [email protected]

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    Shade's Landing Inc. - FFL Services/Instruction Services

    We're pleased to announce the opening of our custom shop in Grasston MN. Our gunsmith services are available only to Minnesota residents at present time.

    We offer a full range of gunsmith services including duracoat(TM). From custom one of a kind firearms to off the shelf firearms, we can help you accessorize and customize your favorite handgun, rifle or shotgun.

    In addition, we provide training from basic pistol, rifle and shotgun to advanced self-defense shooting courses. See our schedule for more information.
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    The frozen tundra!! Also known as Minnesota
    I am available to teach private classes in and around the Twin City metro area until May as I am a fulltime law enforcement student with a fairly packed schedule until May, but starting in May I will be holding classes 5 days a week, plus offer private classes on the weekends.

    I'm an MCPPA Instructor as well as an NRA Approved Personal Protection in the Home (PPITH), Pistol, and Pistol First Steps instructor.

    My website is Progunonline
    MN Permit to Carry Instructor
    NRA Certified Instructor: Pistol, PPITH
    NRA Life Member, 3 x Iraq War Vet

  5. Quote Originally Posted by fear-mn View Post
    I'm going to poke my nose in here and let people know I'm always available in the Twin Cities metro area, and some surrounding areas, for permit instruction.

    Feel free to visit the website and email with any questions you may have.
    hi. would you be available to teach in rochester?

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    Thumbs up New Instructor Introduction

    Hello All.

    Just wanted to drop a line and say I'm a new MCPPA Instructor operating out of Hastings, MN.

    I do my trainings at the Green Mill in Hastings or in your home, provided you have a minimum of 5 students.

    Please visit my website at Chandler's Conceal & Carry Instruction - Minnesota or Chandler's Conceal & Carry Instruction | Facebook for more information.

    Or call me to discuss attending a course.

    Chris Chandler

  7. I do the MN Permit to carry course also. I am a NRA certified instructor. My website is Home I do classes all over, i have a small office in New Brighton i can do up to 10 people in.
    Gary Keim

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    Thumbs up The Shamus Agency Inc.

    Professional training for: Law Enforcement, Military, Security and Civilians. NRA Certified Law Enforcement Division pistol/shotgun instructors, NRA certified basic weapons instructors. National Law Enforcement Training Center certified Trainers. Certified Pistol carry instructors, certified Marine Corps pistol and rifle experts. All training offered is at: The Shamus Agency, Inc. - Law Enforcement Training, Private Security Traning, Concealed Carry, CPR/First Aid Training. We are not limited to training in Minnesota. We can travel to your location in state or out to conduct your training. Our training is cost effective because we provide some of the most certified trainers. Check around before you call us, and remember-you get what you pay for. We don't just stand in front of the class and bore you for a few hours then go to the range for five min. Our power point presentation is top notch with up to date info. When you receive your certificate from us, you can be asured that you received the best training out there. My name is Michael Frantz and I am the Lead Instructor for The Shamus Agency Inc. Check out my qualifications on the website then call me at: (612) 991-7306 to set up your training. Remember: TRAIN AS THOUGH YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT-SOMEDAY IT JUST MIGHT!

  9. Quote Originally Posted by XDSTEEL View Post
    Any Instructors in worthington, Marshall MN area?
    A few years late but if anyone else is interested the Redwood River Sportsman's Club and Barrels and Arrows offers classes by Marshall.

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