2017 Gun Rights Bills - Minnesota House
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Thread: 2017 Gun Rights Bills - Minnesota House

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    2017 Gun Rights Bills - Minnesota House


    Gun rights bills enter Minnesota's House — how far will they get?

    Keep in mind: DFL governor (i.e., Gov. Mark Dayton)

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    There are several bills apparently and most of them are routine according to this article.

    The state constitutional carry bill which is one of several bills has pro's and con's however.

    To some voters everywhere it makes sense to have a vetting procedure with a shall-issue policy.

    To some other voters they don't like these background checks.

    The voters in general and local law enforcement will naturally weigh-in on the pro's and con's through opinion polls.

    In the state where I live (in the Rocky Mountains) the Governor vetoed the last constitutional carry bill due to concern by law enforcement. I support that decision.

    My state is a shall-issue state and it takes the state CID about 40 days to get your CFP to you in the mail. 40 days is not bad.

    The fee here is about $100 total (application, fingerprinting, 4 hour class, etc.) and is good for 5 years, after which the renewal fee is only $5.

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