Guns in Cars in Parking Lots
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Thread: Guns in Cars in Parking Lots

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    Guns in Cars in Parking Lots

    Where can I find out about this?

    I am following this kind of law through the Florida Legislature (I live there), and I saw some indication in the Sun Sentinel that there is a similar law in Mississippi.

    Currently I am working in Mississippi, and I am wondering just what goes here.
    Orlando, FL

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    Sorry your question hasn't been replied to. I just joined the forum and promise to keep a close eye on the MS threads. In, MS you can have a gun concealed or not in your home, place of work, "or any other real property associated" with your home or place of work, "such as your car." The only requirement is that you be 18 and not a felon. There are certain misdemeanors that are also a part of this.

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