~This kid will be a fine 'convicted felon' someday~
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Thread: ~This kid will be a fine 'convicted felon' someday~

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    Unhappy ~This kid will be a fine 'convicted felon' someday~

    A 9-year-old boy was recently caught on camera viciously attacking young children at the Kiddie City Childcare Center in Vicksburg, Miss. And the video is nearly unbelievable. In it, He can be seen hitting, choking, kicking and even biting toddlers, WLBT reports. At one point, he waits for the daycare worker to turn around and then is shown biting an 11-month-old girl, choking her and punching her in the face. Another 23-month-old girl can be seen receiving a kung-fu style kick from the 9-year-old, as the daycare worker is still unaware of what is going on right behind her back. WJTV reports a young boy’s head was also slammed into a tray, forcing him to throw up.

    Watch the Horrifying Video of a 9-Year-Old Boy Attacking Toddlers at Kiddie City Childcare Center in Vicksburg | Video | TheBlaze.com

    Oh yeah...he will be a fine citizen for the future of American society in general.
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    Is the little monsters name Trayvon by any chance? The so called adult in charge deserved to be fired, what a disinterested clown! How did she ever get a job caring for kids? Maybe she couldn't cut it in a public school teaching position. And then there's the "dad" smacking the kid that didn't do anything...I have come to the opinion that every adult should have to be licensed to have a child. You know, show a justifiable need for a child. Wow, I'm ranting again, pardon me.

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    ~This kid will be a fine 'convicted felon' someday~

    I don't agree with licensing adults to have kids, I just think that some people should be sterilized
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    He's going to be shot by someone whose house he's breaking into.... Probably within the next few years.
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    Can anyone say "Serial Killer". This is the kind of kid who wets the bed at age 26, Tortures small animals, and starts a cult that dopes its members up on acid and has them eat people. Kid should be "aborted" at this point and time. No questions asked, and the parents should be sterilized and ordered to pay the victim/s for the rest of their lives. When we think back to the instances of children perpetuating violence makes me ask the question. Where are we going wrong? I answer; with the entitlement mentality of this country nobody thinks of the consequences of their actions. The idea of helping others, and being courteous, respectful have long left the masses. The sheep that are on the government doll don't have enough self motivation to get themselves off, let alone care about how their actions affect other people. It angers me to the point where I have loss faith in people.

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    Another recipient of a loving and caring homelife shining brightly! I can't say that most likely he will be on our payroll in the next couple years, because most likely he already is......
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    He will most likely be shot for jumping a 71 year old man when he gets older.

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