MS CCW Help - signs, where, etc?
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Thread: MS CCW Help - signs, where, etc?

  1. MS CCW Help - signs, where, etc?

    I am planing a visit to MS this next week. I have a Florida permit I am planning on carrying under. I have a couple questions about where I can and cannot carry. Any and all help would be very appreciated.

    With no carry signs -do they have to be specific and do they carry force of law? (IE in Iowa and Missouri businesses can post signs but you basically if you are caught carrying you can only be charged if you do not leave when asked to. Carrying into somewhere there is a sign is not in itself an illegal act)

    How about preemption -do many towns ban CCW -is there a list?

    Is carrying into bars or places that serve alcohol now legal. How about restaurants?

    How about carrying on the Natchez Trace Fed. Hwy?

    Thank you


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    Highway Patrol - Firearm Permits Unit
    This should help you get started. Good luck.

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