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    So.....I just got off Active duty with the Army. I was in Ky for a few years where I obtained my CCW and instructor certificate. In KY I had to do a 16 hour class on how to teach and what to teach which was ran by the state. Very formal and very structured! FYI; I am a NRA pistol and shotgun instructor as well.

    I got back to the St Louis area and went to apply for my CCW and find out what I had to do to instruct classes in MO.(in which I plan to do on the side) After my application was done for CCW the lady at the county sheriffs office said they will call me and tell me if I am qualified to instruct. A few hours later she called and said I was good to go to start teaching CCW classes! I got no guide lines or nothing. I know what the State of MO (MO Chapter 571) says the qualifications are and what needs to be taught but I am taken back by the lack of a formal instructors course with checks and balances. It seems that if you meet the requirements then you can teach. In KY, the state gave you all the forms needed, tests, booklets, ect. Once a class was completed you had to send all the applications with the tests and a few other forms back to the state where they issued a training certificate. I guess here in MO I have to create all of this???? Any advice that other instructors are willing to give me would be of great help. I have emailed MO officials in Jefferson City and all I am getting from them is read Chapter 517!!!

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    This would help you out.

    Learn To Carry Productions, Ltd - CCW Training Video on Missouri State Laws

    This is the authors web site.

    Concealed Carry Web Resources:

    * Kevin L. Jamison, Attorney At Law | Welcome

    I know him through this group.
    WMSA News and Views

    The DVD set is a little pricey but I'm glad I spent the money on it.

  4. I saw that DVD/book combo and was thinking about ordering it. You have made my mind up for me and I will order it ASAP. Still have questions about forms and fees?

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    This may help.

    I'm not an instructor so I have not really payed much attention too the paper work.
    Let the guy I went too worry about it.

    Anyway the following might have the want.

    Missouri Revised Statutes
    Chapter 571
    Weapons Offenses
    Section 571.101
    Section 571-101 Concealed carry endorsements, applicati

    Firearms training requirements--safety instructor requirements--penalty for violations.
    Section 571-111 Firearms training requirements--safety

    Above taken from this site.
    Missouri Revised Statutes
    Chapter 571
    Weapons Offenses
    RSMO-Chapter 571

    Also see this site.
    Course Training and Syllabus* Concealed Carry News and Events

    I have not seen sample paper work for class completion but I'm sure its around somewhere.
    Try asking Missouri Carry with an email from there site.
    Since the Sheriff's controls the process in most of Missouri your local sheriff or in the case of St. Louis
    try asking them .

  6. Thanks for the links. I have reviewed them but it is still about as clear as mud as to what documents and what not's are needed. I understand what needs to be taught its all the admin things that are unclear.

    I live in Jefferson county and the Sheriffs office has added me to the list as a instructor but they don't not give me ANY guidelines hence why I am here asking. I will continue my quest for knowledge about this process. Man I wish MO had a formal program like KY. It seems as though it is harder than it should be.

    If anyone wants a assistant instructor i would be willing to provide my time in order to see how others are doing it!! ;)

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    You are an NRA certified pistol instructor. You know the requirements Missouri expects, including the laws. You submit your class syllabus to the Sheriff and you should be approved. Form an LLC or register with the state as a sole proprietor if you want. I have that, and a city business license. Then pay taxes like the rest of us..
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  8. A LLC is the next step. I guess i will develop my own forms and certificate.

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