Schnucks' Groceries, with locations throughout Missouri and HQ'd in St. Louis, have long posted non-permission at all their stores.

I noticed that the store where I've been shopping for at least twenty years had quietly taken down the signs prohibiting CC at the entrance. I asked a couple friends who work there and after checking, they told me, yes, the prohibition has been dropped!

OC is a local option in MO, so I wouldn't expect to see any visibly holstered sidearms. But there aren't very many commercial places now where a concealed handgun is forbidden. State and federal laws still apply, of course: banks, public transport, churches, civic offices and cop shops, shot and beer bars, concert venues and so on.

This is, of course, good news. Most of my errand-runs on any given day include a stop at Schnucks'...and it's always a hassle taking the handgun out of the IWB holster and stashing it in the car. I'm sure they did this for my convenience, of course!

This is a great step forward for handgun owners and coupled with Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground laws already in place, Missouri is at the forefront of 2nd Amendment self-protection!