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    When I got mine (and the same when my wife got hers) in St. Charles county, I was at the DMV within 10 minutes and all was ready. Now, I know in St. Charles county, they use a phone message system for you to check when your permit is ready (by number when you apply) so it may have taken them a little while to get the info into the system and you may not have been notified that your permit was ready for anywhere from hours to days before you found out.
    Seems as if all counties are different somewhere in this process. My wife's sister took her class with her in St. Peters, she lives in Cole County. Cole County actually calls you when your paperwork is ready.

  3. wait 24 hours?

    I'm a native Missourian bought a HG there in 1992 got my permit after 3 days and was gone.
    But if I understand you-all right the south is still with me lol.
    You must take a course go to the local sheriff then to the DMV? To get your permit? Wow what a pain in the butt.
    I'm now in MN take a class go to sheriff apply and you've got a permit if everything checks. It's all cool don't leave home without it.
    I know see why my brotherinlaw who's a cockhold to my sis doesn't want to get his permit he's just a little *****. And your system is a PITA

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