Bass Pro asking to see CCW license
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Thread: Bass Pro asking to see CCW license

  1. Bass Pro asking to see CCW license

    I went to the Independence location tonight to hit the range like I do 2-3 times a week. Usually I have my backpack on and just tell the greeter that I am headed to the range and I am a CCW holder. Everyone else they put a gun lock on. Tonight the guy stops me and asks to see my card.

    "What card?" I ask
    "The thing they give you, your conceal carry license"
    "Why do you need to see that? I have never been asked before."
    "Its a reasonable request."
    Silence from me
    "Can I see your license?"
    "No." I said
    "Go ahead and go over to the range..."

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    Some people just slay me.... I was standing in line at Jack in the Box one day, open carrying my gun like I always do..... there was a guy behind me in line who was clearly agitated by the sight of my firearm. The conversion went like this:

    Him (looking down his nose at my gun in a disgusted tone of voice, "You know, I carry mine concealed."

    Me, "You aren't very good at it."

    Him, "What do you mean?"

    Me, "I know you have a gun."

    Good for you for standing up for yourself!
    Anyone who says, "I support the 2nd amendment, BUT"... doesn't. Element of Surprise: a mythical element that many believe has the same affect upon criminals that Kryptonite has upon Superman.

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    Was he wearing his CCW Badge?

  5. What the?

    You need to call the Corporate Office in Springfield and file a complaint. The ONLY people you're required to show your permit to upon request is.......wait for it...... Law Enforcment. We've already had someone in Springfield complain that they're violating the 4th Amendment by looking into bags, let alone if they're now asking to see a permit.

    That said, the staff in Springfield have been asking if you have a CCW permit (they don't ask to see it) and informing folks upon verbal confirmation that they can carry to and from the range if it's in a holster. I've heard more cases of "informing" the patron on their policy in Springfield than I care to count. It's two-fold for them, they ask and if you say no they still inform you of the policy as well as offer up brochures and business cards of local folks teaching CCW classes.

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    Your Bass Pro Shop has a range? The one in Tulsa sure does not have a range. That is entirely unfair.

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    I wish the Bass Pro in St. Charles, MO had a range, that would be so nice.
    I know that the main store in Springfield, MO, has a range as I have shot there before. If I remember correctly, it's about 5 lanes?
    They keep it well cooled in there too.

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    I have gone to Bass Pro many times and they had never given me a difficult time. I do not see what is so wrong about showing them your ccw permit. If you carry a weapon you really have your permit.

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    I carry concealed in the Las Vegas BPS all the time. I don't bother to "check" my gun upon entering, I just walk in and shop.

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    Ok, I'll bite. What was wrong with showing him your CCW license?

    Why do you feel offended if someone asks to see your license?
    Your driver's license?
    Your id?
    The Second Amendment is NOT about hunting!

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    Quote Originally Posted by OM44 View Post
    Ok, I'll bite. What was wrong with showing him your CCW license?

    Why do you feel offended if someone asks to see your license?
    Your driver's license?
    Your id?
    He has no need to see it. Nor do(most) people who have a concealedl carry permit feel the need to show it off every chance they get. We are not a 16 year old who just pasted the driving test and got our first DL. Nor are we 21 and feel the need to be carded every chance we get, just to show off our ID and age.

    If I walked up to you on the street or anywhere in public and asked to see your ID,DL or Carry permit would you show me?

    Whats with all the stories of "Greeters gone power tripping"? Wal-Mart greeter who was an ex cop asking to see a shoppers permit, this one and a few others kicking around here.


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