Wounded Warrior Project fundraiser/shootout!
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Thread: Wounded Warrior Project fundraiser/shootout!

  1. Wounded Warrior Project fundraiser/shootout!

    July 9th, 2011
    Wounded Warrior fundraiser/shootout!
    Shooting starts at 9am and runs through 4pm, raffles and prizes 4pm-5, giveaways throughout the day.

    15 yard bulls-eye shoot, run-whatcha-brung! Multiple entries are allowed, but 1 per gun please.
    $15 entry fee for the shootout. Raffle tickets will be available for purchase on site and hopefully on mattcanovi.com
    Need not be present to win raffle prizes.

    All giveaways, prizes, and raffle items have been donated by local vendors.

    All proceeds go to the Wounded Warrior Project!

    Feel free to contact Canovi and Associates at Canovi and Associates - Training is Survival for more information or see the attached PDF flyer.
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  3. Sounds real cool. WWP is a real good charity to raise funds for.

  4. I agree. Given that I'm a combat vet and the boss is a former Marine this is something that truly hits home with us and several of our local vendors. I lost a friend in the sand-box to what may have been a booby-trapped weapons cache they were about to detonate. That's partly why the flyer leads off with: Some wounds can be seen, some wounds cannot.

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    That is a great fund raiser! Have to see if I can get there!

    Psalm 82:3-5

  6. Even if you can't make it, we're going to try to have the raffle tickets available on Canovi and Associates - Training is Survival they just have to get the webmaster to get the option installed so it's ready to go.

  7. THIS Saturday folks!

    The prize/raffle list just keeps growing thanks to local businesses.

    IF we can get the approval, there may be a combat pistol side match as well.

  8. I'll pony up folks!

    If you don't have a firearm or simply don't want to bring any that's fine, I've got you covered!

    I will bring my 22 revolvers and semiautos (Glocks w/ kits) for the WWP fundraiser. For an extra $5 WWP donation I'll provide a firearm and the ammo to make your run. That means for $20 you get a shot at winning one of several prizes, you get to shoot someone else's firearm, and you won't even have to clean the gun!

  9. Thanks to everyone that came out. We raised just under $1200 for the Wounded Warrior Project. There were a lot of prizes to be had.

    3 places for Rimfire
    3 places for Centerfire

    Several side-raffle items!

    We even had a steel plate pistol course set up that was donated by a National Guard recruiter.

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