3rd Annual Military Shoot!
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Thread: 3rd Annual Military Shoot!

  1. 3rd Annual Military Shoot!

    Are you currently in the military? Would you like an opportunity to take some advanced handgun training at little to no expense to you?

    Well now's your chance! It's also an opportunity for Canovi and Associates to give something back to you for your service.

    June 25th, Canovi and Associates will be holding their 3rd Annual military shoot. This event will be exclusive to military personnel and will consist of Canovi's 4 hour Practical Handgun course to be held at a private range.

    Feel free to contact Canovi and Associates through the website for more information and/or see the attached flyer.
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  3. This is coming up THIS weekend folks!

    Hopefully some of you can make it out for this training opportunity. It didn't get put on the Canovi website schedule somehow, but it IS happening.

    Feel free to email your registration request or call.
    email: [email protected]
    phone: 417-742-3435

  4. We had a good day of training folks! If you missed out, hopefully we'll see you next year. I was able to meet 2 gentlemen heading to BASIC quite soon and a few others that had been for a while, one was in for 23 years already.

    We gave these service members: Point shooting, front sight shooting, multiple shots for stopping power, head shots for stopping power, multiple shots for stopping power using an alternate target zone (low light technique), up-close-and-personal (2 versions), multiple threats (multiple scenarios), single hand shooting, and shooting from the ground (2 positions).

    Everyone had a great time and to top it off they were fed at the end. One heck of a hot and humid day, but it went really well.

    I'll have some over-the-shoulder video from the ground fighting position to show everyone once the boss gets it downloaded.

    Beware, I may be mounting one of my mini-cams to targets for future training sessions to give us a threat POV!

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