HB294 upcoming changes - VERY important!
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Thread: HB294 upcoming changes - VERY important!

  1. HB294 upcoming changes - VERY important!

    To you prospective students and those who have their certificates, but not the permit:
    Once the changes from HB294 that affect 571.111 hit, if you do not have your permit you may be required to shoot on the new standards. If your instructor has stayed ahead of it and had you shoot the new upcoming standards you should be good to go.

    Per what I'm hearing, the MoAG (Koster) may be stating that certificates issued prior to the change that do not have their permits will not be honored. The new range requirements will be mandatory for those folks.

    20 round qualification (either pistol) - must hit 15 out of 20
    50 round familiarization (split between revolver and semiauto)

    HB294 changes:
    20 round qualification (semiauto) - must hit 15 out of 20
    20 round qualification (revolver) - must hit 15 out of 20
    50 round familiarization (semiauto)
    50 round familiarization (revolver)

    To you instructors: If you need information in writing to give to your students I have an email address that you can use to request that. Please, DO NOT use this email address to gripe about HB294, use it to request the information (professionally) on how the AG's office will handle those changes to 571.111

    email: [email protected]

  3. I have confirmed that this IS the case. Here's what was given to me by Ted Bruce. [email protected]

    Students must meet the current standard at the time of the application for CCW endorsement.

    So, if a student submits an application prior to the effective date of the law that student may use those standards. If a student has taken the course and has their certificate issued prior to the effective date of the changes AND submits an application after the effective date of said changes, that student MUST requalify on the new standard.

    If you are a prospective student it is in your best interest to request that you qualify on these changed standards.
    If you are a current certificate holder with out a permit and cannot get an appointment prior to August 28th (we expect Gov. Nixon to sign it this month), you will need to requalify and have a new certificate issued or an annotation made on your current certificate and fire the extra rounds.

    FYI, the Sheriff's Association may be working up new certificates that will require documented round counts.

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    I just spoke with my instructor who is heavily involved in the legislation process. He said so long as you have your ccw prior to 8/28/2011 you will be good.

  5. dkangel,

    Per the MoAG's Office, as long as your paperwork/application has been turned in (the process started) by 8/26/2011 you'll be ok. 8/26 is significant because that's a Friday and the law goes in effect on that Sunday 8/28. Any certificates issued prior to 8/26/2011 where the holders have not started the application process as of 8/26/2011 MUST meet the new standards.

    I have that email if anyone needs it. It's quite simply put and to the point.

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