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Thread: List of Missouri CCW Instructors

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    Full time handgun training

    We do a one-day CCW class three or four times a week at our own private range. Our class also is good for a non-resident Florida or Utah license. You are our guest for the day and we serve lunch and supply free soft drinks while we meet the MO requirements for concealed carry and then show students how much other training is out there. We are building a new outdoor range for advanced defensive handgun training this summer.
    St. Louis area CCW classes, Visa/Mastercard, 2 classes per week meet license requirements for a Missouri, Utah or Florida CCW

    We have also been publishing books for the gun culture since 1996 at
    Accurate Press Publishes Adventure Novels aimed at the Gun Culture, Books about CCW Training, Books on Gun Control, Drug War and Drug Prohibition
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  3. Missouri CCW Classes
    Grain Valley area

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    Thumbs up Mid-Missouri

    Tim Oliver
    2000 East Broadway, Suite 307
    Columbia, Missouri 65201

    573-442-0337 Phone
    573-442-6334 FAX

    I've taken Tim's class, and couldn't me more pleased to add him to this list.
    He takes what can be a topic that's "as dry as stereo instructions" and turns it
    into something you can enjoy, remember and "your butt can endure."



    Pack-N-Heat, Missouri Concealed Carry Safety Training
    [email protected]

    9 a.m. to 9 p.m.
    7 days a week
    If no answer, leave a message and we'll get back to you ASAP

    355 Versailles Drive
    Florissant, MO 63031

    Missouri, Utah, Florida, Pennsylvania and Maine

    This class will qualify you for your Missouri permit and several out-of-state permits as well. Duaine is NRA certified in both basic pistol and personal protection. He is also licensed as an International Instructor by the State of Utah. Duaine's class is taught strictly to Missouri State standards.

    This guy is awesome! I took my CCW with this gentleman and loved every minute of it! I highly recommend Duane's course. Most of the men at my church have taken his course and the pastor's and assistant pastor's wife and a widow lady from the church have signed up to take his class as well!


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  6. Thumbs up Missouri Firearms Training, LLC

    Teaching Missouri CCW & NRA Courses
    636-577-6028 Joe Donato and a team of instructors

  7. CCW Instruction in SE Missouri

    Concealed Advantage


    The laws explained to you in a simple format that will provide you with the tools that you’re going to need should you face a legal situation. You’re also going to get the skills that are needed and required should you find yourself in an armed encounter. You’re going to be introduced to retention and disarming techniques that could save your life.

    And you’re going to get all of this from an instructor with over a decade of law enforcement experience. From someone who has engaged in armed encounters and testified in the courtroom and then gone on to train and educate hundreds of people in the mechanics of an armed encounter and the legal process that takes place afterwards. You’re going to get to hear about his experiences and gain the benefits from them.
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    CCW Instructors

    Missouri Shooting Star in Franklin County

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    My name is David Stark and I have been offering affordable CCW classes since 2003. Cost for a one day / 8 - hour class is $40.00 plus ammo. There is no charge for Military Veterans. I hold these classes once a month, but have in the past held them more frequently when needed. I am located near Lake of the Ozarks.

    I have been a Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor since 2000, being a graduate of the Missouri State Highway Patrol Academy's 35th Firearms Instructor School. My classes are held in an informal environment, with no 'macho, swaggering, been there - done that' attitude. Women and beginner friendly.

    For details, please contact me at [email protected], or call 573-552-1784. I will be glad to answer any questions you may have. Thank you.
    Life Member NRA
    CCW / Firearms Instructor
    Happily annoying Liberals since 1976.

  10. Concealed & Carry Firearms Class-David Walter NRA & BCI Certified Instructor

    On-Target Firearms Training LLC-St. Louis Metro Area

    Utah, Maine, Pennsylvania, Missouri Concealed & Carry Class $100.00 fully insured for your protection. Range Qualifications $25.00 which includes Firearms, Ammunition & Safety Gear

    Weekday evening classes in O'Fallon & Creve Coeur, weekend classes in St. Clair. We can teach a CCW class at your home, office, fraternal organization or club.We also offer private-individual CCW training, call for pricing.

    Visit our website for class schedule:

    Email us at: [email protected]
    Call Dave anytime: 314-962-1200
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    CCW and other gun courses in MO

    My husband and I discovered by accident when I attended an intro class at Bullseyes which I wasn't satisfied. This outfit has a very personalized sort of teaching -- almost one-on-one. The company is owned by father and sons and is located on a 240 acre property. My husband and I am very pleased we found them and learned from them. Their fee is very competitive too.

    Armed Missouri Inc.

    2812 Mt. Sterling Rd.
    Bland , MO 65014
    (314) 603-2690
    Nic Shoffner:
    Chris Shoffner:

    [email protected] [email protected]
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    G'day and Glock

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